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Monthly Archives: February 2014

If only issues were simpler to solve.

There is a “new” song out.  We can dedicate a whole other post to my confusion about various radio stations classify “new,” leading to me not knowing if this is a really new song or a new to this station song. Either way. “Nothing More” by Alternate Routes. If you have not heard it, look it up.

Earlier this month, there was a shooter in the Mall in Columbia.  As it turns out, the individual who has been identified as the shooter was a scared teenager who needed help. He did not, seemingly, know the victims. He had a family and friends.  And he noted in his journal that he had “mental health problems.”  Please note, I do NOT, condone his actions or sympathize with him, however….

As a person, this had made me think, truly and deeply, about the people in my life. I am “in” public health and think mental health services are one of the most important we can offer people in turmoil, and people in general. I would like to think that I would help my family or friends seek mental health services if I thought/knew they were in a dark place. Could I actually see it in them though?!?  I do not know but I certainly hope so. And if only someone had helped this person to face his challenges in a more constructive manner.

It is incredibly strange to have seen the town I live in on national news. It is also strange to see how quickly we are out of the news. I am thrilled, don’t get me wrong, for the big media trucks to be gone. But, it is almost as if our “event” wasn’t big enough or did not have enough behind the story to make it past a few days.

Growing up, shootings were not a frequent occurrence, as they seem to be now. Born in the early eighties, I remember, vividly, the news breaking about Columbine.  It took almost 15 years. It was an astonishing egregious act that could not be understood and shattered the safety of my childhood. And, low and behold, mental health issues were at the core of the cause. If only those issues were simpler to solve.

Now, these occurrences make me feel less safe, but also more wanting to live my life without fear.  And to teach my child to live with hope that the world can be better and work to make it that way.


A long year . . .

It has been a long, amazing year that has taken us far from our blog for many a reason.  And yet, in the past few weeks, we have both been saying that we should get back here.  So, here we are.  Highlights from the last year in one sentence recaps.

Ravens superbowl win – 1.3.13
A triumph for a long-time Baltimore fan, a tragedy for a long-time Steelers fan, and a truly bittersweet day for reasons that will not be detailed here.

Chicago – 5.13
Zack drove to meet me in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend (only people who know him really well will understand how that sums up so much!).

Toronto – 6.13
Continuation of our quest to see the Orioles in as many stadiums as possible and a perfect long weekend completely outside of our comfort zones. Plus, slowly it turns . . .

New addition – 8.13
The greatest thing that has ever happened to us arrived on 8.15.13. Still going strong, six months later!

Sad end to the season – 9.13
After last season, it was hard to see the Orioles not advance to the playoffs; rest assured, we are counting down the days to the 2014 season – 35 as of today!

Elon’s 125 – 11.13
I know what quasquicentennial means, do you?

Sad end to two seasons – 12.13
And again, after last season, it was hard to see Baltimore not make it to the playoffs but thrilling to see the Steelers try to one-up them.

Not prolific, but a recap no less. Now, on to 2014. We will try our best to do better.

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