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Monthly Archives: November 2015

123 days

I walked into our house this afternoon and was stunned. It was silent and empty. For the first time in four months.  It’s remarkable how loud silence can be.  We have craved it for so long and yet it did not hit me what it meant until today. 

I went back to work today. BBA and BBB started daycare. @littlepund was thrilled to have them “in school” with her. 
It’s strange. The last four months have been the most mentally challenging of our lives. Every day has been hard. While we have reached what has become our new normal, we are also acutely aware that we continue to hold our breaths for the tide to come in and make everything fresh again. @littlepund is thriving. BBA continues to improve, but also continues to struggle. BBB is one of the happiest babies alive…sitting calmly waiting for his turn. 

We have looked forward to today and yet it’s bittersweet. The return to our daily lives was not as momentous as we expected. But I suppose we are also waiting patiently for the day that the new normal washes away and we can confidently say all kiddos are thriving and well. For that we have some more time to wait. 

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