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Monthly Archives: December 2010

new year’s resolutions

do you make new year’s resolutions? i never really got into making a resolution, but i know a lot of people do. are you one of those people who wants to work out more often or eat healthier? this year, i don’t really have a resolution, but something i would like to do more of, so we will see how it goes.

the best resolutions are both attainable but also good goals for yourself, so don’t set something too high and too hard to accomplish. remember to make your goals into SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely! my wife informed me last week that she wants to run the baltimore marathon this coming year so that will be a nice goal for her personally and something i know she can do! it will take a lot dedication and time, but it is specific (running a marathon), measurable (running it or not), attainable (she has run long distances before and can do it again), realistic (it’s not out of her ability) and timely (the marathon is in october and she will be able to run and train all year).

here’s to a great year and a happy and healthy 2011 to all you! hope you accomplish all you set out to do!


movie etiquette

etiquette is something people seem to take for granted today. unfortunately, that doesn’t help us get further along in life. as someone who intentionally goes to early movies to avoid large, rude crowds at the theaters, i was pretty upset last week by the occurrence that happened.

i get that you might forget to turn your phone to vibrate or maybe you missed the reminder at the beginning of the movie. you were probably loading up with a large popcorn with extra butter and salt, but in today’s day and age, just keep your phone on vibrate any time you are in public. a) we don’t care how important you think you are and b) if you are so important that you have to answer the phone during the movie, don’t go into the movie in the first place. plain and simple.

my ultimate pet peeve and etiquette problem is people that talk during movies. if you want to talk during a movie at your house, go ahead. just don’t talk or whisper during the movie at the theater or if i am watching at your house. we are watching it too! you don’t have to say, “oh, those are his sisters!” we all know that because we are watching it at the same time!

lastly, if the theater is nearly empty, don’t sit next to, behind, or in front of me! there are another 200 seats, sit more than 2 feet from the other 12 people there.

apparently common courtesy and etiquette are not important any more. maybe the next time i’ll complain to the manager on the old ladies and then they’ll get the message because “sshhhh”-ing them didn’t work. don’t talk, sit next to me, or answer your phone when i’m in the theater. they should know this is normal etiquette and common courtesy. idiots.

do you guys agree?

movie review: the fighter

generally on friday’s that i have off from work, i try to make it to an early/mid-afternoon showing at the theater. this past friday, i went and caught “The Fighter” with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.  the story is based on the true story of Micky Ward and Dick Ekland. Ekland was a famous fighter for knocking out Sugar Ray Leonard, whereas, his little brother, Ward, is working to make his way to the top of the boxing world and will eventually go on to be a boxing champion. the movie has received many nominations for the Golden Globes and will do the same for the Oscars. both Wahlberg and Bale are outstanding in their roles, but in my opinion, Bale really shines and stands out as playing the crack addicted Ekland, who has everyone in his family believing HBO is making a documentary about his comeback. at times, he even believes it himself and is later disappointed when the shows airs on TV. the way Bale acts and moves in the movie, you can see he really got into his role as Ekland. Wahlberg, who plays the leading role of Ward, also shines as the hopeful boxer, who struggles in life with the realities of dealing with his brother and his family, who pushes him into a fight because his mother needs the money, while trying to make something of himself.

the ensemble casts also includes Amy Adams, who portrays Wahlberg’s bar-tending girlfriend, Charlene, really rounds out the hopeful side that Wahlberg shows as his character tries to break out from his family and the small town of Lowell, MA. Mickey O’Keefe, Jack McGee, and Melissa Leo help round out the cast and are the 3 other pivotal characters in the movie. The last main character of the movie is the sleepy town of Lowell, Massachusetts. this small town that has nothing more than Ward and Ekland to hang their hat on shows why the brothers are the way they are as well as their family in general. it shows where people were in the the late ’80s and ’90s, how they got stuck there in many parts of America, and how drugs affected even the small towns across the country.

the movie is nominated for several awards and definitely deserves it. it stands out a fantastic portrayal of a true story and is way more than just another sports or boxing movie. i would give a 3.5 out of 4 stars. go find out for yourself why Micky Ward and Dick Ekland are the “Pride of Lowell.”

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