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BBA: July and August

At the beginning of July, we took the boys to their one year pediatricians appointment . . . a rite of passage almost.  Everyone has told us that making it through the first year of twins is the hardest.  We took our pediatrician cupcakes to celebrate because of how crazy the year has been and how impactful she has been on our lives.  The visit did not disappoint . . . BBA is almost 19 pounds and his head circumference charted in the 9th percentile (a marked improvement on past readings and a good thing – you want your head circumference to grow as you grow).  BBB is almost 25 pounds and thriving.

Yesterday, we had an appointment with neurology and learned the following:

  • BBA has a chromosome 2 duplication not previously reported in research (a variance of unknown significance).  Essentially, the duplication either means nothing or it is so rare there is not a large enough cohort of patients to do research yet.  Additional testing is necessary and we will glean more information next week at our genetics follow-up appointment.
  • We are scheduling an MRI to get a better look at his brain and optic nerve.  For his brain, we are looking for growth abnormalities to assess areas for caution/concern as he develops.  They think his challenges lie in the basal ganglia which, overall, reduces his risk for seizures and large-scale development issues moving forward.  For his optic nerve, we are looking for strength and size which would help to determine intervention ranging from patching his eyes to glasses to surgery.
  • BBA continues to have amazing cognitive recognition and development and even with the new information, his progress is remarkable.

In other news, BBA’s physical therapist has him standing now (picture below) which gives him a chance to development muscle memory, strengthen his hip sockets with the hope that he gains strength, and PLAY WITH BBB and @littlepund!  The three of them have loved interacting on a different level.  It is amazing!!!


The last two months. 

I don’t remember much of last summer. I know it came and went but it was buried in the hardest, darkest, worst months of my life that maybe it is best not remembered. Maybe one day the summer of 2015 will be looked back on fondly, but still today I take only two minutes of light from those days. 2:53 and 2:54pm on July 2. To say that the past year has been challenging is the greatest understatement of our lives. We have fought for every moment of calm we have gotten, and we have learned more about our five, and those who support and do not support us, than we ever could have imagined. We got to May and simply had a blur of 10 months of preceding crazy behind us. And so, we decided to commit to fun. To having memories that were not rooted in hard decisions, unfair choices, and anxiety. And in these two months alone we have remembered all that we committed to as people when we met, got married, and had kiddos….that for good or bad we are in this together and it is so much better that way. So, my recap of the last two months…..

Aunt and Uncle weekend: still unknown to us why, K&J offered to take everyone for the weekend. We said yes and spent three days laughing and crossing things off our to do list (the things that are difficult to accomplish when you have tiny hands helping) and sleeping. And, reflecting on how quiet our lives were without our kiddos.

Genetics: we finally got to see the geneticist, and BBA had every feature of his person measured, remeasured, and triple checked. We learned a lot and were left with an inordinate amount of questions. So, an average afternoon for us. We should get the results in early July.

Wedding weekend: another weekend with no kiddos, and in an odd circumstance of events at two weddings in two separate states on the same day. They were each weddings we could not think about missing, so we split up.

Memorial Day: spent at home for the first time in a long time. BBA had been doing better and we wanted to give him more calm before we put him on the car for six hours. It was a good choice.

June 1: we made it through Memorial Day weekend, but BBA was being odd so we took him in for a weight check and ended up at the JHU ER. Long story short, he was fine. He received a steroid shot for his panting and was observed for three hours. We got to go home. Winning!

Ophthalmology: back for our follow-up visit. BBA is far sighted, has astigmatism, and crosses his left eye out and his right eye in. Considering patching or glasses, but he needs more time before they decide. They support the August MRI so maybe we’ll have some more answers by the end of the summer.

The everyday fun: the boys have gotten in the pool and ZP and I have spent countless hours on the floor playing and having ‘tend tea (@littlepund style). We have taught our kids to laugh through it all, picked our first raspberries of the year, sent infinite funny face pictures to Mom Mom and Pop Pop, done FaceTime binges to anyone who answers, done a lot of arts and crafts (including homemade binoculars), stickered every person in our house (living and imaginary), and made a lot of pancakes (real and sand).

First birthdays: determined to celebrate making it through the hardest stuff (and in recognition that this is only the beginning of the hard), we partied the afternoon away today. A week early. It’s funny. You can laugh.

As ZP noted via Insta earlier, they say it takes a village. It’s been a year of ups and downs and all arounds. We have been surrounded this year by an inordinate amount of people who have shown us what friendship is about. Our lives are rarely easy, but it’s always us. That’s what counts.

Thank you.

the start of something new

as we mentioned, we were starting with some developmental therapy for BBA. last friday was his first visit with his physical therapist and it is off to a good success.

we worked with him and the therapist for an hour last friday. our first objectives are to get him to start sitting properly and to open his hands. she showed us several easy to use and easy to do techniques to get started. BBA will visit for PT once a week to help break down his exciser tone. we have been working with him since friday and he is both receptive and doing well with the exercises. we may be getting a chair to help with his sitting for day care as well as splints to help keep him hands from being clinched all the time. depending in the week, his therapy will be in home or at day care.

many of the exercises can and will fit into our regular routine and the easy to do positions will fit right into family live and the craziness that is 3 kids under 3. more updates later.

a bit of positive news

about two weeks ago, we had the twins 9 month doctors appointment. our pediatrician is actually an NP and has been with us every step of the way since @littlepund was born. it was to be a normal appointment with all the usual stuff. since we’ve been talking to the infants and toddlers team on BBA’s developmental delays, there was a lot to discuss. as the normal charts and activities occurred, we got into his measurements.

his head circumference has been an issue and at this visit it measures 17.25. last month it was 16.25 at the neurologist. b would refer to it as presnickity (sp?) (bad english is my first language).

annnyyywayyy, this growth moved him from the 1st percentile aka smallest to the 15th based on age so we are seeing some good growth and back in the chart!

b and i shot each other these looks of awe and amazement. and in that instance, we were both choking back tears and not jumping up out of our chairs for a chest bump. b couldn’t talk so my response, “you just made her year.” and she had.

he is still 1st for length and height but tracking beautifully with the curve and just an inch of less shorter than BBB. to quote the pediatrician,  he has petite features.

we have also noticed an increased amount of releasing and flexibility in his hands and extremities. that’s a top priority when we start PT this week. 

in case there was any question, BBB aka the box of rocks is in the 83rd percentile for weight.

so there you have it, some positive news. hard to believe it’s been 9 months. time sees to fly by as much as it has been at a stand still. from those weeks in the hospital to marking each month and week by doctor’s appointments, specialists visits, ER trips, fights to get the proper medicine, surgery, it’s been one giant blur that has been crystal clear.

where have we been?

well, we passed the first two weeks and then passed the second two weeks so by the middle of january, we were officially off the insulin medicine and have grown out of that diagnosis. we only have to test his blood sugar if we feel there is an issue.

well, what’s happened since then? follow ups at endocrine show steady levels and only needing to return in 6 months instead of every 3. we also had a trip to the neurologist to address concerns with his head circumference. he is in the 1st percentile for head size which is a concern for continued brain development and head growth. his soft spots are around a millimeter large (or small) but his plates haven’t fused so we are okay for now. we will return in 6 months for a follow up and possibly an MRI to determine any further intervention at that time. the neurologist referred us to a developmental therapist and to see the genetics team. tuesday, we saw the developmental and occupational therapist and have had BBA evaluated for where he could use some extra support. we’ve known that he could be falling behind and didn’t want to set him back. from talking to the team, most of his issues seem to stem from being too toned (without strength) and not being able to release his hands, arms, legs, etc. because they are too tight. in a few weeks, we will have a full plan and staff to work with him, all provided for free by the state.

then it’s to genetics. appointments have been set up in may and we will be, more than likely, getting some genetic testing to see if there is a condition that may link together his issues.

it’s been a windy road to get this far and we can see him making strides each day. now, it’s just important to get him the specialized help he needs to be back on track.

they mentioned that he is atypical (b says an odd duck). well, the good thing is unusual and uncommon things run in the family. i mean, just look at his dad.

it’s hard not to enjoy the special quiet moments even more than before. either with BBA, BBB, or @littlepund who clearly runs the house nowadays.

BBA: the first two weeks

BBA: four long weeks

To get released from the NICU, BBA had to make it six hours without his blood sugar dropping. It was an arduous process, with frustrating setbacks and a new diagnosis we will keep for a while. But he did it. At our endocrine appointment yesterday, we decided it’s time to wean off the medication that is supposedly helping to balance his insulin and glucose. 

We knew that we were going to ask the question yesterday but it is still a bit strange to think we can start this process. If we make it through, we will be down to one medication (for his thyroid) which we will be one until at least age two. We have been at a barely palliative dose of the insulin medication for months now and endocrine thinks his system does not need it. The way to find out: reduce the dose by half for two weeks, testing his blood sugar twice a day. If he makes it those two weeks without dropping his blood sugar, we go two more weeks with no medicine testing his blood sugar twice a day. If he makes it those two weeks, we are home free (theoretically) and just have to test if his behavior changes. So, for those of you with the wherewithal, cross your fingers for a while that we make it through. 

Next stop, pediatrician at the start of the new year. After that we could have a few months of normalcy without doctors appointments every week. Again, fingers crossed. 

BBA: December 

Hello again. We have been on an upswing for the past few weeks, just trying to get through to the end of the year. We have had some ups and downs, but are diligently working to figure out how to address the remaining challenges that exist. One to cross of the list: eyes. 

We met with the amazing pediatric ophthalmology team at the JHU Wilmer Eye Institute on Wednesday to address some concerns about focusing and overall ability to see. It is remarkable what they are able to do for a FIVE MONTH OLD BABY to assess eyesight, and to make repairs to eye structure at this point to eliminate future issues. The visit we long and arduous, but resulted in amazing news. His eyesight is great. There is no damage to his optic nerve. And the focusing issues we are having are most likely a result of his prematurity and he will grow out of them. High five BBA!  

Follow up with endocrine next week and hope for some medication adjustments. Updates on that to follow. 

123 days

I walked into our house this afternoon and was stunned. It was silent and empty. For the first time in four months.  It’s remarkable how loud silence can be.  We have craved it for so long and yet it did not hit me what it meant until today. 

I went back to work today. BBA and BBB started daycare. @littlepund was thrilled to have them “in school” with her. 
It’s strange. The last four months have been the most mentally challenging of our lives. Every day has been hard. While we have reached what has become our new normal, we are also acutely aware that we continue to hold our breaths for the tide to come in and make everything fresh again. @littlepund is thriving. BBA continues to improve, but also continues to struggle. BBB is one of the happiest babies alive…sitting calmly waiting for his turn. 

We have looked forward to today and yet it’s bittersweet. The return to our daily lives was not as momentous as we expected. But I suppose we are also waiting patiently for the day that the new normal washes away and we can confidently say all kiddos are thriving and well. For that we have some more time to wait. 

BBA: update on the past 7 days

Surgery went really well and was by all accounts a success. Since being home, BBA has been eating better, interacting more, and trying to understand what being more comfy is all about. Follow-up appointment this morning proved that he is healing well and can get a bath again (woohoo!). 

Now we can settle in to normal life for a bit. Next anticipated hurdle will come in December with our next endocrine follow-up. 

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