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Wednesday: BBA

Results from the liver ultrasound came back…no liver damage. Platelets are holding steady which is a good sign, but they are not improving. Hemotologist checked in this morning and said they would be running a few tests to rule out deficiencies. 

Endocrinologists were consulted last night as a result of dropping blood sugar levels again, despite an increased glucose level in his IV. The ultrasound of his pancreas came back clean Saturday night, most likely ruling out specific damage there. Additional tests are being done to look at his blood sugar and insulin levels, including the potential investigation of some rarer conditions. 

His oxygen level has been decreased again and they are discussing weaning him off of supplemental oxygen. 

Heart and lungs still holding steady. 

He got a feeding tube reinserted so they can start feeding him milk and reduce his vitamin, fat, and electrolyte IVs. Today he should have 72 mLs by day’s end. 

He needs to be able to take a bottle consistently before coming home, making his earliest release at least the end of next week. 


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