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Thursday: BBA

Hematologist: said he looks good and that his platelets are up some from yesterday. If he continues to progress, their group will stop following him. 

Endocrinologist: blood sugar was holding yesterday afternoon but dropped overnight. He was started on a medication at 1:00am based on a potential diagnosis and his blood sugar levels have been much higher and consistent since then. He will remain on the medicine, the purpose of which is to slow down the production of insulin, indefinitely. Only side effect of the medication is excess fluid, so he will remain on the diuretic to try to keep purging it. He could grow out of the diagnosis over time. For now, progress and an answer. 

All other reports are good today. Feeding tube still in but he seems happier with milk over supplements. Oxygen supplement remains at 25%. 


2 responses to “Thursday: BBA

  1. Michelle Herzog July 10, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Britten – congratulations on the twins. Hang in there as everything continues to work itself out. Twins are no joke but I’m sure you all will do great. Take care.
    Michelle -340B

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