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Friday: BBA and BBB

BBA: he is doing well today and got to hang out in a swing for a while. He seemed to like the change in scenery. Glucose and insulin are holding steady which is progress on its own. If he continues to respond to the medication he is on, they may begin to decrease his glucose drip. Supplemental oxygen is down to 21% (the normal amount a human breathes in). They are continuing to give him oxygen via cannula to ensure the quantity he is taking in. He is taking in 6mL of milk per hour by feeding tube (double the amount from yesterday) and they are hoping to continue to increase that amount. Once he is off his IV they will switch to bottle feeding. He was able to keep his pacifier in on his own today; new skill!

BBB: he had a thoroughly uneventful day of sleeping, eating, and pooping…i.e., normal baby!!  He is waking up more during the day and wants to look around. We let him play on his tummy for a little bit and he seemed to enjoy the activity. Slept well and in his crib again last night. Fingers crossed it continues. 


2 responses to “Friday: BBA and BBB

  1. Christine A. Rivera July 12, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Good morning Britten and Zack – thanks for the information in the blog it helps me focus my goofy prayers. Thinking of all of you, take good care – Chris

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