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Two good days: BBA

Apologies for no update yesterday. It was a good day though. BBA was drinking bottles like a champ and was awake and alert when we were both there for visits. BBB attended his first Monday night dinner and was so enthusiastic about the outing he slept through the whole thing. 

Today, BBA was taken off all nutritional supplements (a good thing) and his blood sugar was holding steady while eating 60mL every three hours!  Still on glucose and blood thinner. Antibiotic ends tomorrow. 

Now the waiting game begins … as long as he has a consistent blood sugar reading and eats by bottle every three hours, they will wean him off the remaining glucose. Once off, he will need to maintain his blood sugar and eat well for several days for them to consider transfer/release. He can come home on the blood thinner if everything else is ok. Fingers crossed his system is up to snuff. 


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