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BBA: four long weeks

To get released from the NICU, BBA had to make it six hours without his blood sugar dropping. It was an arduous process, with frustrating setbacks and a new diagnosis we will keep for a while. But he did it. At our endocrine appointment yesterday, we decided it’s time to wean off the medication that is supposedly helping to balance his insulin and glucose. 

We knew that we were going to ask the question yesterday but it is still a bit strange to think we can start this process. If we make it through, we will be down to one medication (for his thyroid) which we will be one until at least age two. We have been at a barely palliative dose of the insulin medication for months now and endocrine thinks his system does not need it. The way to find out: reduce the dose by half for two weeks, testing his blood sugar twice a day. If he makes it those two weeks without dropping his blood sugar, we go two more weeks with no medicine testing his blood sugar twice a day. If he makes it those two weeks, we are home free (theoretically) and just have to test if his behavior changes. So, for those of you with the wherewithal, cross your fingers for a while that we make it through. 

Next stop, pediatrician at the start of the new year. After that we could have a few months of normalcy without doctors appointments every week. Again, fingers crossed. 


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