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pet peeves

I’m not one to complain (a lot), but for those that know me, I tend to have an opinion on most things. Two things lately have been bothering.

The first is a winter issue and it has to do with cleaning off your car. Today we got a couple inches of snow and some ice. Wasn’t the easiest to clean off. Might have taken you 10 minutes instead of 5, so please take the time to clean your car. Don’t just clean off the windshield so you can see and therefore endangering others when it flies off the top of your car. I drive an SUV. I got out my brush and cleaned off the top and scrapped the windows like any good driver.  I think it might actually be a law in Maryland as well. Can’t say for sure but it sounds like something this state who have. Anyway clean off your cars you clowns.

My second pet peeve is how much bathroom etiquette has gone the toilet. Pun intended. I don’t know what it is lately but please stop talking on your phone, talking to me, looking around, or leaving your newspaper in the bathroom. You aren’t that important that for the 2 minutes you are in the can, you can’t hang up the phone. Don’t get me started on blue tooth either.  Also, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk to me. I don’t need to hear about work or the game or whatever you think I’d want to hear about in the bathroom. Not the time or the place. It’s also not the time or place to make eye contact with me. Keep it straight ahead or on the floor, gentlemen. The other thing that annoys me is people that leave their newspaper or internet articles in and around the bathroom. Have the common courtesy to take your trash with you, pal. Well that’s it for now. 

In case you hadn’t read my other issues with movie etiquette, check here.

/end rant/


movie etiquette

etiquette is something people seem to take for granted today. unfortunately, that doesn’t help us get further along in life. as someone who intentionally goes to early movies to avoid large, rude crowds at the theaters, i was pretty upset last week by the occurrence that happened.

i get that you might forget to turn your phone to vibrate or maybe you missed the reminder at the beginning of the movie. you were probably loading up with a large popcorn with extra butter and salt, but in today’s day and age, just keep your phone on vibrate any time you are in public. a) we don’t care how important you think you are and b) if you are so important that you have to answer the phone during the movie, don’t go into the movie in the first place. plain and simple.

my ultimate pet peeve and etiquette problem is people that talk during movies. if you want to talk during a movie at your house, go ahead. just don’t talk or whisper during the movie at the theater or if i am watching at your house. we are watching it too! you don’t have to say, “oh, those are his sisters!” we all know that because we are watching it at the same time!

lastly, if the theater is nearly empty, don’t sit next to, behind, or in front of me! there are another 200 seats, sit more than 2 feet from the other 12 people there.

apparently common courtesy and etiquette are not important any more. maybe the next time i’ll complain to the manager on the old ladies and then they’ll get the message because “sshhhh”-ing them didn’t work. don’t talk, sit next to me, or answer your phone when i’m in the theater. they should know this is normal etiquette and common courtesy. idiots.

do you guys agree?

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