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the house wasn’t so safe: review of safe house

during this time of the year, movies are usually in a little bit of a lull. we are in the middle of awards season and january/february are well known to be not great movie months. you’ll see lots of re-screening of movies that are nominated for an oscar as well as random valentine’s day movies and a handful of others.

anyone who knows me well knows i am big movie fan and going to the theatre is something i enjoy doing on my days off from work.  there are a whole list of pet peeves that i don’t like at the theatre, but that’s for another day. when i go, i make every attempt to get to a screening before noon. matinee prices are always much more affordable, so yesterday i found myself at an 11 am showing of Safe House. from the picture to the left, you know that the film stars denzel washington, but it also stars ryan reynolds. reynolds isn’t really known for his action roles although he has played several lately. everyone remembers him from van wilder and other comedies and romantic comedies but he’s been acting since the early ’90s if you didn’t know. everyone knows denzel. brendan gleeson also plays a nice supporting role in the movies as well.

anyway, with all that being said, i enjoyed this action packed movie. the premise is that a former CIA agent is being chased by bad guys and ends up going back to a US consulate even though he has sold US secrets to the enemy over the years. once he gets to the CIA safe house, the chase ensues as the same bad guys come after him. the CIA housekeeper, matt weston, who is a young inexperienced agent does his best to keep him safe and bring him in. the back drop of the movie is mostly in cape town, south africa, which made for several very exciting car chase scenes. the gritty city streets were busy and crowded with lots of cars and bystanders. it seemed like it was an every day occurance and many of them didn’t flinch and just went the other way. i can only assume it is something like that in that part of africa normally, but don’t know for sure. nonetheless, it made for a nice background scene for the film.

as the movie progresses, denzel’s character, tobin frost, makes weston question what he knows about the CIA and how the enemy found them to begin with. when frost escapes from weston, weston works to recover him even as CIA headquarters tells him to stand down. the movie ends with a few twists as you might guess and alot of bullets flying around. overall, as i said, i enjoyed the movie and would certainly watch it again. as for a rating, i would say a solid B to B+.


movie etiquette

etiquette is something people seem to take for granted today. unfortunately, that doesn’t help us get further along in life. as someone who intentionally goes to early movies to avoid large, rude crowds at the theaters, i was pretty upset last week by the occurrence that happened.

i get that you might forget to turn your phone to vibrate or maybe you missed the reminder at the beginning of the movie. you were probably loading up with a large popcorn with extra butter and salt, but in today’s day and age, just keep your phone on vibrate any time you are in public. a) we don’t care how important you think you are and b) if you are so important that you have to answer the phone during the movie, don’t go into the movie in the first place. plain and simple.

my ultimate pet peeve and etiquette problem is people that talk during movies. if you want to talk during a movie at your house, go ahead. just don’t talk or whisper during the movie at the theater or if i am watching at your house. we are watching it too! you don’t have to say, “oh, those are his sisters!” we all know that because we are watching it at the same time!

lastly, if the theater is nearly empty, don’t sit next to, behind, or in front of me! there are another 200 seats, sit more than 2 feet from the other 12 people there.

apparently common courtesy and etiquette are not important any more. maybe the next time i’ll complain to the manager on the old ladies and then they’ll get the message because “sshhhh”-ing them didn’t work. don’t talk, sit next to me, or answer your phone when i’m in the theater. they should know this is normal etiquette and common courtesy. idiots.

do you guys agree?

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