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Living In The Danger Zone

Well it hasn’t just been a song in Top Gun in our house lately. Since the flood, we have been living in 2 to 3 rooms of our house and one of them is half torn up.

The kitchen is missing half the lament (sp?) floor and part of the sub floor. Our stove rocks since one of the legs isn’t on the the main floor but instead its on the old vinyl. Our fridge, which caused the problem to begin with, is in front of our sink and dishwasher. We can’t really move it anywhere because part of the floor is the sub floor.

My movie room/man room has been emptied and all my stuff is in our spare bedroom and office. We can still do laundry, surprisingly. That room is a mess too, but functional for laundry.

Our contractor is coming tomorrow to hopefully fix all the drywall. So at almost two weeks in we are beginning to see some progress. No new floors until the contractor is done though so our kitchen will br rocking until then, pun intended.

And did I mention my wife’s dad and family are in town from Nebraska?!

Ps… I’m sorry to all those that don’t have a dishwasher and after 4 days we got the water back on!


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