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Saturday: BBA, BBB, and @littlepund

BBA: he looked good today and was in his swing when I got there. His oxygen supplement remains at 21% but the quantity has been reduced to 2 liters; they are hoping to wean him off the supplement in the next few days. They have increased the amount of milk he is getting via feeding tube and hope to continue to do so each day. The medication they started yesterday has already increased his blood sugar dramatically which means his glucose IV will begin to be weaned to test his system. The endocrinologist is also recommending bottle feeding instead of the feeding tube since he is tolerating the milk/formula so well. His left eye is no longer swollen shut (he has been excreting fluid like a champ) and he looks less puffy overall. He has developed a clot in his right arm due to his PICC line. They have started him on a blood thinner to break it up and will be running a new PICC line this weekend as it is the only way he can get his glucose. Overall, a good day. 

BBB: he has enormous eyes, which you can see now that he is awake more during the day. He slept well again last night in his crib and continues to eat well too. He is very curious and likes to get his head up so he can see what is going on. 

@littlepund: she had a great day today playing outside with her pirate ship and sandbox. She has been doing well with BBB at home considering she is not yet two and thinks he is “her baby.”  We continue to work on being gentle, but I think that may well be a lesson for life. 


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