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Sunday: BBA and BBB

BBA: his oxygen was weaned down to one liter overnight and the plan is to take him off the supplement entirely in the next day or so. He is doing great breathing and they do not think he needs to supplement anymore. 

His blood sugar stayed steady overnight and they reduced his glucose IV fairly significantly for such a tiny person. They are also considering reducing the medication he is on to test his system for his insulin and glucose balance. 

They inserted a catheter in his leg to administer the blood thinner to break up the clot in his arm as a result of the PICC line. They have not yet inserted the new PICC line. 

He still has his feeding tube in, but also ate via bottle this morning and did great. This one is REALLY exciting as he has to be able to consistently eat via bottle before he can be released (after all other issues are resolved). 

He got a bath last night for the first time making him smell much better (less hospital, more baby). It also allowed us to truly experience the level of peach fuzz he possesses. Super cute!!!!  And they made his bed with his PBK blankets; hospital incubators are much more adorable when adorned with Pottery Barn Kids blankets. 

BBB: still sleeping and eating (and pooping, yes, I went there) well. He is awake more during the day and has his head up and he is looking around. He also didn’t seem to mind when @littlepund tried to pull his “shoes” off (his sleeper had shoes built in). 


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