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the start of something new

as we mentioned, we were starting with some developmental therapy for BBA. last friday was his first visit with his physical therapist and it is off to a good success.

we worked with him and the therapist for an hour last friday. our first objectives are to get him to start sitting properly and to open his hands. she showed us several easy to use and easy to do techniques to get started. BBA will visit for PT once a week to help break down his exciser tone. we have been working with him since friday and he is both receptive and doing well with the exercises. we may be getting a chair to help with his sitting for day care as well as splints to help keep him hands from being clinched all the time. depending in the week, his therapy will be in home or at day care.

many of the exercises can and will fit into our regular routine and the easy to do positions will fit right into family live and the craziness that is 3 kids under 3. more updates later.


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