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So the other morning, I went and had an MRI. Nothing major, mostly for exploratory reasons. Everyone has seen an MRI machine on TV before so I knew what to expect. Ultimately it is what I would expect space travel to be like.

You get slid into a tube that isn’t much bigger than you body and they start the machine. At first, I was wondering if I was in Star Wars or outer space with all the wild noises, but after the internet radio kicked on, it wasn’t bad. A little Jimmy Buffett to sooth the soul.

I can understand why anyone with spaces issues would flip out, but I was really calm. Really the hardest part was trying to lay still for 45 minutes. Not to sound rude, but the tube was only a little bigger than me, especially after they strap a cage over your face and put a mirror over your face so you can see your feet/end of the tube, so is there a special MRI machine for obese people? Was thinking about that after I left.

Anyway, just thoughts that were on the mind. 

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