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holiday traditions

what kind of holiday traditions do you have?

having been married almost 2 years now, bee and i are starting to develop our new own holiday traditions. one of our favorite traditions i detailed last week about going to cut down a christmas tree. one of bee’s other traditions is to be the first to mail out our christmas cards. it’s a point of pride for her when someone tells her that our christmas/holiday cards were the first to arrive in the mailbox. this year she wrote them out on the morning of thanksgiving. i think one holiday tradition alot of folks partake in is cookie baking. we’ve gone the fresh fudge route and probably next friday or saturday, bee will make 10 – 15 pounds of different types of fudge for our family members. i know my folks always look forward to it and it always gets rave reviews (and makes me put on a few pounds, haha). i think certainly as we get older and our family continues to grow, we will certainly have more traditions to enjoy, but those are a few of ours so far. i always enjoy watching “a christmas story” all day long on TBS but that isn’t exactly a “family” tradition, haha!

growing up our tradition was to always sit at the top of the steps and take a photo together before we went down to open our presents. this tradition probably continued until we went to college. we started to loathe these photos as we got older, but it’s something we can look back now as we are grown adults and appreciate.

one last wonderful holiday tradition we have in our household is to celebrate my birthday all week 😉 on the 29th, i will turn 29. interesting how time flies by these days.




So the other morning, I went and had an MRI. Nothing major, mostly for exploratory reasons. Everyone has seen an MRI machine on TV before so I knew what to expect. Ultimately it is what I would expect space travel to be like.

You get slid into a tube that isn’t much bigger than you body and they start the machine. At first, I was wondering if I was in Star Wars or outer space with all the wild noises, but after the internet radio kicked on, it wasn’t bad. A little Jimmy Buffett to sooth the soul.

I can understand why anyone with spaces issues would flip out, but I was really calm. Really the hardest part was trying to lay still for 45 minutes. Not to sound rude, but the tube was only a little bigger than me, especially after they strap a cage over your face and put a mirror over your face so you can see your feet/end of the tube, so is there a special MRI machine for obese people? Was thinking about that after I left.

Anyway, just thoughts that were on the mind. 

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