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The weekend: BBA

Blood sugar is holding steady. They are moving to only checking it twice a day…finally some relief for his heels. 

Food has increased to 65mL every three hours. He gets tired and doesn’t eat it all each feeding, resulting in the leftover being administered via feeding tube, which is prolonging his stay, in part. He has to be able to eat consistently every three hours by bottle to be discharged. 

His bilirubin and TSH (impacting the liver, gallbladder, and thyroid) have been decreasing but are still higher than normal. Abdominal ultrasound came back normal, but they are looking to run some more tests to figure out what is going on/if he has an infection. More answers on that later in the week. 


Friday: BBA (part two) and BBB

BBA: He has been off glucose for five hours and blood sugar is remaining steady. He continues to eat well. Waiting on results of an abdominal ultrasound. Bilirubin dropped today on its own, negating the need for the medication they were going to start (yay). 

BBB: BBB got his first bath tonight. His hair is fuzzy again, reigniting the competition with BBA on who has better faux hawk potential. 

Friday: BBA (part one)

Thursday: BBA

Wednesday: BBA

Made it for rounds today. Medical team was very optimistic about his progress and decided to challenge him today, giving him more food per feed and dropping his glucose significantly. And he met the challenge like a champ!  May be weaned entirely off of the glucose by tomorrow afternoon.  

Several tests scheduled for Friday morning to assess bilirubin concerns and decide on a final plan. 

Two good days: BBA

Apologies for no update yesterday. It was a good day though. BBA was drinking bottles like a champ and was awake and alert when we were both there for visits. BBB attended his first Monday night dinner and was so enthusiastic about the outing he slept through the whole thing. 

Today, BBA was taken off all nutritional supplements (a good thing) and his blood sugar was holding steady while eating 60mL every three hours!  Still on glucose and blood thinner. Antibiotic ends tomorrow. 

Now the waiting game begins … as long as he has a consistent blood sugar reading and eats by bottle every three hours, they will wean him off the remaining glucose. Once off, he will need to maintain his blood sugar and eat well for several days for them to consider transfer/release. He can come home on the blood thinner if everything else is ok. Fingers crossed his system is up to snuff. 

Sunday: BBA

Slept well overnight and looks great. Housed a bottle while I was with him and was an excellent snuggler. Looked less yellow, but his bilirubin had yet to be retested for the day. 

Also a very proud moment for the situation we are in…I got pooped on!!!!  His belly was down five centimeters from its high last week. It seems like the antibiotic and his system overall are working well. 

Saturday: BBA

Belly rigidity seems to be improving and less concerning for the team. Feeding tube was back in but only to be used if he wouldn’t feed out of a bottle. He was starting with 10 ml’s to see what’s happening late this afternoon. This was the first test to see if it’s better and resolving. Will still get the baby gatorade (vitamin and glucose drip) for now. Bilirubin continues to be on the higher side and might be the next and hopefully final hurdle. 

Friday: BBA 

Today was a good day. Things are looking up again. His belly has softened and now we are simply waiting for him to start passing air and stool on his own again. Once he does, which the doctors think may happen today, they can consider starting him back on food, maybe as soon as tomorrow. All other reports are good and we got lots of snuggles in. 

Thursday: BBA

He was sleeping well yesterday and being weaned off his glucose and insulin medications entirely. All initial issues have now been resolved, for the time being. He had two x-rays of his belly. Results will be back today (Friday).  Depending on those results, he could be back on food today or could be off food for a week. Will update later this morning. 

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