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Oh no, I had to stand in line

I know I haven’t blogged in months but it’s crazy to me that earlier today people were complaining about standing in line to vote. It’s your civil duty to vote. Hundreds of thousands of people have died over the years for our democracy and people will complain about taking part in it. I am sure if they went to countries in the Far East or Middle East, they will feel the opposite.

You’ll stand in line overnight to get 50% off of a TV on Black Friday or the new version of the iPhone but you can’t wait an hour to do your civil duty?! Give me a break!

The other thing that fires me up is that people say they get intimidated at the polls. If you don’t talk or yell at the people outside the polling place, you won’t get in an argument and be afraid to cast your vote. Clearly it’s time to require valid IDs for everyone voting, they could control these things and the whole process better.

Anyway, that’s the end of my rant. Stand in line and read your ballot since you can’t use your phone and stop complaining.


no, i wasn’t texting while driving

has anyone noticed that everyone is still texting while driving? last year, maryland took the first steps into the giving out fines for texting while driving, but it was a secondary offense so no one really cared. now this year, back in october, the new texting law went into affect and yet everyone is still texting while driving.

on a daily basis, i see lots of people texting while driving (myself included on occasion). the most interesting person i’ve notice that are texting while driving is the police. all levels of police, local, state, auxiliary, etc. and all the time. i guess no one, including law enforcement, still cares about the new texting while driving law in maryland.

per the baltimore sun politics blog on sept 30th:

Drivers who are ticketed can still choose to accept guilt and pay a $70 fine (plus one point on their license). If the texting leads to an accident, accepting guilt means an automatic $110 fine and three points.
Drivers who contest the tickets and lose in court will be guilty of a misdemeanor and have to pay the full $500.

guess everyone will just plead guilty and not care about the fine/point if they get caught? i’ll pass. not worth the point or the fine.

oh yeah, and don’t forget to watch out for new speed cameras in Howard County! locations are listed on the police website and it’s a $40 fine if caught.



why should i care about iowa?

and by iowa, i mean the iowa straw poll.

candidates at the ames, iowa straw poll

the next presidential election is over a year away. a year and 3 months away from when we need to decide about the next president. the candidates are going to continue to change until it counts. why don’t we spend some time fixing the things we need in the next year and 3 months. perhaps we could work on the debt situation and actually get a real solution, like not continuously spending more money than we have and just suggesting that we raise taxes to make up for it. that’s not going to work. perhaps we could work on dealing with the multiple wars we are involved in. perhaps we could work on things that are other real issues here at home like, oh say, maybe the economy. come to think of it, weren’t these all the things that president obama said he was going to work on or fix when he became president?

here we are 3 years later and in a worst place than we were before and everyone is just pointing at each other and/or still trying to blame President Bush or the Tea Party. we, the united states of america, haven’t had a budget in probably 850 days or more. just think if in every day of your life you just spent whatever you wanted and had no accountability for it? i really feel bad for all those democrats that got duped into believing in the hope and change because as you and i have both seen, it is just more of the same. let’s fix some of the issues and then decide who should be president because at this point no one in congress or the white house is looking like a good option.

//end rant.// oh and i am a republican.

egypt civil unrest

don’t get me wrong, I really understand the concept of revolting against your government, but the egyptian civil unrest has gone too far. when you start trashing your own history and the history of the world it’s a complete shame and speaks volumes of the some of the people involved.

revolting against a government and trashing national history are two completely different things. now you’ve crossed a line to make a point that has nothing to do with your point. granted a few bad people were the ones that were ultimately involved, it’s still overshadowing the main issue for the country. also as a result, many people who would have traveled to the region in the coming months will not visit and the economy and people will continue to suffer. so are you any better off? who knows. guess we’ll have to keep an eye on the situation.

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